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Z and Z's Lawn Care and Landscaping Services

Lawn Maintenance

"Nobody mows it better!" No contracts necessary!

Our weekly mowing package includes clippings pick up, string trimming (fences, tree pits, sheds, etc.) and sidewalk edging with a blade that gives your lawn edges a crisp, clean, professional look.

Want your lawn mowed every other week? We can do that too.

We usually don't offer a monthly mowing package requiring 4 grass cuts per month unless it's requested. Why charge for a service visit when grass isn't growing?

Planning a vacation? Ask about our "Vacation Mowing" service. Relax and enjoy your vacation with no worries about returning to an uncut lawn.

Lawn Fertilization

Our approach to lawn fertilization is simple - provide our customers a balanced lawn care program promoting healthy, vigorous, attractive turfgrass with a minimum of pest problems.

The only products we use on your lawn are top-quality slow-release granular fertilizers and and liquid weed/insect controls. We will NOT apply insecticides or herbicides to your lawn unless it is absolutely necessary.

It has been proven through many studies that a healthy lawn can withstand a reasonable amount of pest damage and recover relatively quickly if problems are identified early and the appropriate control method(s) is used.

Our philosophy has always been RIGHT MATERIAL applied at the RIGHT RATE at the RIGHT TIME.

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is one of the best things you can do to improve the quality of your lawn. 

What is a lawn aeration?

During a lawn aeration, a machine called an aerator will remove a plug of turf and soil called a "core". These cores remain on the surface of your lawn and naturally break down over time and add beneficial soil and organic matter to your lawn surface.

Why have lawn aeration done?

In our area, most soil is heavy clay which is easily compacted by kids and pets playing in your yard, outdoor entertaining and small equipment/vehicles being driven on the lawn. A lawn aeration "opens up" your lawn and allows air, water and nutrients to reach grass roots, creating a thicker, healthier lawn which needs less water and fertilizer and can tolerate heat and drought better than before.

WANT TO LEARN MORE? See our YouTube videos below to see a lawn aeration in action!

Lawn Dethatching

Lawn dethatching is also one of the best things you can do to improve the quality of your lawn.

What is thatch?

Thatch is living and dead grass shoots, stems and roots found between the grass blades and the soil surface. A little bit of thatch in your lawn is normal and even beneficial as it protects against temperature extremes, helps keep moisture in the soil and gives your lawn a little "bounce".

What is a lawn dethatching?

During a lawn dethatching, a machine called a power dethatcher removes this layer of decaying plant material.  

Why have lawn dethatching done?

A 1/2 inch or more of thatch prevents air, water, fertilizer and insecticides/fungicides from reaching grass roots and soil and this can lead to pest problems and turf disease. Another benefit of a lawn dethatching is that water can drain from your lawn more effectively.

Best results are achieved when this is done in addition to lawn aeration.

WANT TO LEARN MORE? See our YouTube videos below to see a lawn aeration and lawn dethatching in action!

Bed Edging/Mulching

Bed edging and mulching are two things that promote the health of your plants in addition to enhancing your home's curb appeal.

Why edge landscape beds?

Bed edging creates a beautifully manicured, deep cut edge which clearly defines the outline of your landscape beds. It helps stop mulch in your landscape beds from "bleeding" into your lawn and creating a mess during mowing. Bed edging also creates a "safe zone" around your trees, preventing mulch from "bleeding" into your lawn and the roots and trunk from being damaged during landscape maintenance.

Why mulch landscape beds?

Adding a layer of mulch stimulates plant growth and helps prevent weeds, keeping your landscape beds looking neat and tidy. Mulching also helps maintain soil moisture during hot and dry spells and also regulates soil temperature during extreme heat and cold.

Before we add mulch to your landscape beds, we offer to put down a granular, nutrient-rich fertilizer for your plants, a pre-emergent granular weed killer and a liquid weed and grass killer. Adding these products will help keep your landscape beds nearly maintenance-free!

WANT TO LEARN MORE? See our YouTube video below to see a bed edging in action!

Landscape Maintenance 

We can help with the overall appearance of your landscape by maintaining your healthy trees, plants and shrubs by trimming and pruning.

Why trim trees, plants and shrubs?

Trimming is done to keep your plants in the shape you want them to be. Trimming may need to be done a few times a year depending on what plants you have and how fast they grow.

Why prune trees, plants and shrubs?

Pruning is done yearly to keep your plants healthy and consists of removing dead, injured or diseased branches so your plants can grow more flowers (or fruit if you have fruit trees).

We can also make suggestions for your landscape plants and we also provide a deep root feeding program combining a slow release fertilizer and mycorrhizae (a beneficial fungi).

Seasonal Flower Plantings 

Homeowners, make your yard the envy of the neighborhood by adding a small or large splash of color to your landscape beds.

Commercial property managers, allow us to design a plan that will dazzle your tenants and will rival upscale shopping centers and amusement parks.

From Pansies and Violas in the spring to Petunias, Vincas, Begonias, Coleus and Marigolds in the summer to Mums in the fall, we can revitalize your landscaping.

Why add seasonal (annual) flower plantings?

Annual flower planting gives your landscaping immediate color and annual flowers bloom longer than perennial (yearly) flowers. Annual flowers also have brighter colors and bigger blooms than perennial flowers. Want to attract butterflies, bees and other natural pollinators to your property? Add annual flowers to create a "pollinator garden" where these insects (and maybe a hummingbird or two) can "take a break". Annual flowers also drop seeds, potentially giving you new flowers next year in the same area.

When is the best time for annual planting?

We plant warm-season annuals like Petunias, Vincas and Begonias after all danger of frost has passed (~May 21st) as frost kills annual plants. Cool-season annuals like Pansies and Violas are planted around March or April, as when daytime temperatures reach 80° to 85°F they start to fade and lose their blooms.

Do you use locally-grown flowers?

Yes we do! Z and Z Lawn Care proudly uses plants grown locally in Olmsted Falls by Uncle John’s Plants, Home & Garden. Uncle John's has been providing quality plants since 1974 and is one of the premier greenhouses in the area.

Lawn overseeding, reseeding and sodding

Tired of being embarrassed by what you see when you look out the window? We can improve your view with lawn overseeding, reseeding or installing an instantly beautiful green carpet sod lawn.

What is lawn overseeding?

Overseeding is spreading grass seed over an existing lawn without tearing up the grass or soil.

Why overseed your lawn?

If your lawn is mostly grass with a few "bare spots", it's time to overseed. Overseeding is a fast, inexpensive way to bring your lawn back to its lush, green self without tearing everything out and starting over.

What is lawn reseeding?

Lawn reseeding involves going back to bare dirt, removing your grass and soil, and starting over with new grass seed.

Why reseed your lawn?

If your lawn has more weeds than blades of grass, it's time to reseed. A lawn reseeding will bring your lawn back to its former lush, green self. You'll become the envy of the neighborhood. And best of all, no more lawn care flyers will be attached to your mailbox!

What is lawn sodding?

Lawn sodding involves the removal of your existing grass and soil and starting over with transplanted mature grass in its own soil.

Why add sod?

Adding sod gives you instant access to your lawn - no waiting for grass seed to sprout and mature and no need to avoid muddy areas. Also, adding sod keeps your new lawn relatively weed-free and sod can be added throughout the growing season. 

Fall Leaf Cleanup 

Let us help with your leaf cleanup - one less chore for you during busy fall weekends!

Why remove fallen leaves from your lawn and landscape beds?

Fall leaf cleanup is recommended for your grass and landscape beds, as a thick layer of leaves invites mold, bacteria and pests. If leaves are left as a thick layer on your lawn over the winter, next spring your lawn will have "dead zones" and be less healthy to start off the growing season.

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