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Tremendous Services Z and Z Provides:

  1. Lawn Maintenance – “Nobody mows it better!” We provide weekly cuts (including edging and trimming), with no contracts. We do not mow in drought conditions just to make 4 cuts per month. “Vacation mowing” service also available, so you can actually enjoy your vacation with no worries when you return.
  2. Lawn Fertilization – A variety of programs are available, using only top-quality granular and liquid products. We will not apply insecticides or herbicides unless conditions warrant their use; no sense paying for something you do not need within the concept of being “environmentally friendly”.
  3. Aeration – Absolutely one of the BEST things you can do to help improve the quality of your turf. The removal of cores from your lawn opens up the soil, allowing water and nutrients to get to the root zone. WE OFFER AN INCREDIBLE PRICE FOR THIS SERVICE!!
  4. Lawn Dethatching – This service removes dead grass and other organic materials from the lawn surface layer. Same positive results as an aeration, and the best results are achieved when this is done in conjunction with an aeration.
  5. Bed Edging/Mulching – Bed edging creates a beautifully manicured, deep-cut edge which clearly defines the outline of your landscape beds. Add mulch and some pre-emergent granular weed killer to the same areas, and your beds are maintenance-free for the season!
  6. Landscape Maintenance – We help your plants stay healthy by removing dead and “top heavy” growth. We also offer a deep root feeding maintenance package.
  7. Seasonal Flower Plantings – Add a small or large splash of beautiful color to your landscape beds. From pansies in the spring, to annuals in the summer, to mums in the fall…we can make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.
  8. Sod and Seed Lawns – Tired of being embarrassed by what you see when you look out the window? We can improve that view with either a new seeded lawn or an instantly beautiful green carpet sod lawn.


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